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Hello! I'm a podcast listener, wandered over here from there. I start my Christmas presents in May (as soon as finals are over!) and its really hard not to give them away. There are a couple things that help me make it until the holidays. I have a special under-the-bed storage tub and put everything I finish in there. Out of sight, out of mind. For the REALLY cool stuff, I wrap it in Christmas wrap right away when its done. Then, I really have no choice!

Good luck on your resolutions. I hope to hear you document your forays into new types of projects on the podcast - perhaps a round up of toe-up socks available? There's a ton of great free ones online!


those sound a lot like my goals - except some of my WIPs are in the 2-3 year range - YIKES!


Deb's 2008 Resolution
1. Picking up the slack from other knitter's stash deduction and impulse buying.

2.Never make a stash buster blanket BUT buy yarn like I WILL make one

3.Definetly knit Christmas gifts early...*evil grin* but then toss them in my own drawers and behave like the selfish knit-ridden hoe that I am...oh and also try and get my knitter friends to give me THEIR knitted gifts as well.....never said I was politically correct;)

4.Watch you all finish your no older then 1 year projects cuz lets face it....I have knitters ADD and have to cast on as many items as can fit in those stupid Rubbermaid bins I keep buying.

5. Try to USE up my sweaters worth of yarn...HELL no, I need to keep buying sweaters worths BUT I started saying its for other people.

6. Mail Jenny the lace shawl out of GORGEOUS handspun I started 2 years ago, hey, she seems ambitious :)

7.Wait for the podcast regarding toe up socks cuz I tried those suckers and their a real pisser for me....

8. Finally tell my husband where I hid his 9 iron if he gives me back all the row counter clickers he took in the middle of the night....must be up to at least 8 PLUS the 3 I have. Ok, truthfully, email me if ya'll have a way I can lie my way outta THIS one to him cuz I sold his 9 iron and bought a kick-ass spinning wheel off of Ebay :)

Hi, my name is Debbie and I have a problem! *hearing all other voices echo* Hiiiiiii Debbie!


Toe-up socks rock! I only knit them that way, if I can help it. Cat Bordhi's new book has lots of cool patterns for toe-up socks too.

Knittin' Diva

Good Luck! Thanks to Stash & Burn's inspiration, my New Years Resolution to knit from my stash only, in 2008. However, I must confess, I am planning a yarn shopping trip the day after Christmas, to spend some money given to me as a Christmas gift. Only then, will I begin to work on my resolution ;-)


Hi Jenny. I don't know if you have a toe up sock pattern in mind, but I just finished my first toe up sock using the "Boyfriend Sock" pattern http://slippedstitch.blogspot.com/2005/10/boyfriend-socks-pattern.html and it was pretty easy! Makes a handsome sock, too. I can't say I prefer toe up to the cuff down method (I find the cast on kind of fiddly), but I'm glad to be able to say I tried it!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi there. I am podcast fan and just wanted to say I love listening to you both.
Your resolutions have inspired me to do something about my UFO's - too many, sigh!
All the best for 2008!


I'm a new podcast fan thanks to the link over at knottygirls.com! Looking forward to the newest episode...need to get through all the old ones first :)

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