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Your sweater is gorgeous! Taking the sweater to the tailor to install the zipper sounds like a great idea to me.


Hi Jenny,

have you ever thought of knitting 2 socks on 2 circs? No second sock syndrome but I don't suffer that one anymore since commuting with public transportation, I just keep the sock things in my bag and since there is nothing else to do....
The sweater turned out great! And stash reduction! yay!


I second what tini said about 2 on 2 circ's. VERY nice for no SSS.

BTW: How do you know when you've been reading too many knitting blogs? When you're on Ravelry and see a "featured photo" for a pattern and go, "Hey, that's Harold!" Snork! Hubby agreed that I was a sad case...


That's a very handsome jacket! (If it was for you, I'd say it was gorgeous, but I'll give Harold a nod.) Nice job, congratulations!


Tihs is beautiful and exactly what I want to be knitting. Love this!


Your sweater is BEAUTIFUL!


The jacket looks amazing! Love all the detail. :)


I love your sweater. The detail is fantastic!


Very handsome sweater! What was your total knitting time, do you think?


The jacket is wonderful. I have to pick up Knitting Without Tears again.

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