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Oh, I LOVE that book! My husband works in Australia and brought that book back as a gift for a friend's kid, but we ended up keeping it for ourselves :)


hey, from this Aussie, let me say I'm pleased to see the wombat's profile being lifted overseas!

If you like Diary of a Wombat, you might like "Wombat Divine", by Mem Fox (along with nearly all the rest of her fantastic kids books!)

It's about a wombat who's auditioning for the Christmas concert, but can't seem to find his niche amongst the roles, until...

well, I won't spoil it! Mem also does audio CD's reading her books, and she has the most luscious speaking voice - well worth a listen

oh, yeah, and I'm hooked 100% on your podcast - keep up the great work, guys :)


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