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Nice! Your beret is not only giant, it is super cute!


Wow - you are just ripping through the stash! Great projects! I think you need to visit the lake house more often. Congrats on finishing some UFO's, too.

I really like the Giant Baby Sweater, too. I was kinda worried for you when I first heard you talking about the project on the podcast, but it looks cute! I think it needs a different name, though.


LOVE that beret- I am running to my magazine stash and just praying that I have that mag.- I doubt it. Funny that you did this pattern as in your newest podcast (which I just got finished listening to..yet again another GREAT episode) Vogue patterns were mentioned as being hard to follow or full of errors (which I totally agree with) ...was this pattern error free??


Hey, it's the BIG pompom! :) Love the pompom hat. And that big puff must've taken a lot of yarn. hee hee!


yeay!!! 4 skeins gone! SPACE!
The beret is supercute and the scarf is cool too (or better warm :) ) Aren't vacations great for destashing? o.k. just when you go somewhere without a)yarnstores or b) fabricstores :)


Very, very cute!!!!!!

Kyle Minor

Bulky is beautiful! Rasta-Jenny... live up!


you look so cute in your hats!


I made that hat too! I wore it all winter long and laughed off all the "rasta" and "strawberry shortcake" comments. It's Vogue, baby! What do these people know from fashion?


that tam is fantastic!

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