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That is so pretty Jenny! Yay for another fantastic summer project!


Oh this is SO cute, and it looks really nice on you! I would love to make one too, but I doubt it would look as nice on me.

Wow girl! You are on a roll here -Great work! what a pretty top. Looks good:)


Sorry that last comment was mine... clicked on send too soon:)


Sooooooo pretty!!!


It looks fantastic!


Molly Ringwald turned out so well! I don't remember the pattern standing out very much when I saw it originally, but yours makes me want to go find the magazine and make one for myself.


Cute-eriffic! Please don't let me buy any of that Lamb's Pride.

See you soon?


Love it! I have done NO knitting this weekend. Miss Lois kept me pretty entertained and today was all about being lazy and watching Kitchen Confidential. You should watch it. It's funny! Bradley Cooper is kind of cute, plus Xander and Sam Weir are on it!


THat color is stunning. Great job. You knit so fast too!

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