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is the past tense of "knit" "knitted"?


Hey, I just knit a hat in Aurora 8 for my niece (pics soon) and I loved it. The only thing was that I knit it in bright blue & pink and the blue bled on my hands. I washed it and rinsed it in vinegar so hopefully she won't have a blue head!


P.S. All your new knits look awesome! Fetching looks fantastic, the sweater is perfect, and the hybrid vest is incredible!!


Karabella has an exclusive store in my town. It sooo hard not to go there every. You can get discounted Karabella at yarn.com


Jenny, you are my knitting inspiration...you are so prolific! since the weather has gotten chilly, i have pulled out my stash and am dreaming of the next project. your blog is helping with that. i think i will start with socks. i love knitting socks. anyhow, i wonder if you ever read this blog:
she's hilarious...


I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's impesrsing me! :)

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