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god bless that knitting machine! you are a whiz on that thing...i love the craze in you.


Incredible, no doubt! I am both excited and fearful of getting my hands on that thing.

Anasa Mpingo

Do you know where I can get a copy of the instruction manual for the incedible sweater machine. I found the machine at the Salvation Army Store but the instruction manual's pages were stuck together and I am unable to separate them.

Jo Ann Decuire

I have the Incrediable Sweater Machine which you know is old, I bought it, played with it for about a week, and put it up, I recently ran across it and am interest in knitting again....mine is the old USM...but still looks new from not using it, it came with 2 video cassettes, which I only have DVD player, can I get these in DVD's???


how do you use it?

Bernice Kanzler

I bought an incredible sweater machine over 20 years ago. I brought it out of our storage and the instructions are missing. I loaned it out at one time and didn't realize it was missing. Could you tell me how I can find another instruction book? I would appreciate it and then I can get back to my knitting machine again. Thanks for your above information. Bernice Kanzler.

Brenda Bell

If you're trying to replace your instruction manual, you might want to contact Bond America. Their web site is at http://www.bond-america.com and they have lots of free patterns developed especially for the ISM/USM.

If you're new to the Bond, there are lots of great places on the Internet to get help. Be sure to join the Bond Club at http://www.knittingtoday.com/BondClub/index.html !!! There's nothing about a Bond that you won't be able to learn about from one of the people on the list.

I learned to MK on a Bond and if I had to offer one piece of advice: don't give up! They can be finicky to the point where you want to throw the thing out the window, but there's a solution to every problem. For me, it was putting a piece of foam-backed shelf liner between the Bond and the table and lightly sanding the edges of the key plates with some fine emory paper. After that, it knit like butter.

Lastly, you'll find some old videos on my web site that show how to lots of cool things on the Bond. The quality isn't great and I think someone on the Bond list has converted them to DVD so you might want to check there first.



i hope this blog is still used, we got an ISM at a yard sale and we are missing parts. any idea where we can get the missing parts?


hi there i have an ultimate sweater machine and need to replace the weight bar thingy and the keyplates does anybody know where i am able to find any of these in new zealand please

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